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King Pin Replacement

You have noticed some play in your truck’s steering and a slight shimmy at certain speeds.  You also noticed that your truck is pulling a bit to the left or right and it is getting worse over time.

It could be your wheel alignment or perhaps the king pin in your axle is worn.  Now is the time to contact Custom Spring and Welding and have some preventative maintenance performed on your truck before it gets worse.

The first thing we will do is disassemble your axle and make sure that your axle is not worn.  If the king pin needs to be replaced and the axle bored , we can do that without removing the axle from the truck, which will save you down time and allow you to get back into operation as quickly as possible.

As soon as the king pin is replaced, we will perform a wheel alignment to get you back on the road, saving tire wear and fuel. Call us today at 902-922-2525 or contact us via our contact form and we will be pleased to set up a service appointment for you.